Keep In Touch

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Complete score text below:

You will need:
-   A mobile phone with built-in camera and touch screen
-  Non-cordless headphones. Ideally, these can plug into your phone, but this is not absolutely necessary.
-   A laptop or desktop computer with screen monitor and internet connection
-   An indoor space you can occupy safely and in (more or less) solitude


You are inside.
Place yourself in a room, where you can be still.

When you are in the room, close the door. If there is more than one door, close each door one at a time.
Sit with your back against the closed door, or against one of these closed doors.

Sit here, facing your room. Use your eyes to scan the space around you, and all that it contains.

You are contained.

look at the corners of your room, one at a time. That one. That one too. Yes.

look to the edge of your room where the walls meet the ceiling.

Let your gaze follow this edge all the way around the room.
Now, stand up, and with your phone in one hand, place yourself standing in the center of your room.

Looking up, use the index finger of your other hand to point to one corner of your ceiling.
Listen carefully to the following instructions before you proceed:

You will use your phone camera to record a video of your hand as you use your index finger to trace the edge where the walls meet the ceiling of your room. Beginning with your finger pointed towards one corner, you will gradually turn yourself around to draw the full perimeter of your ceiling with your finger, recording the entire time.

Are you ready?
Now, please pause here so you can do this. Once you have finished you can continue to part two.


There’s no such thing as a circle.

go to your front or back door, or any door that opens to the outside.
When you are at the door, open it.
Lean your head outside.

at whatever volume is comfortable for you, call out your own name. Wait.
Keep the door open, and keep leaning out.

This time, you are going to record video with your phone camera pointed towards the outside. You will pause instructions, begin recording, and when you are ready, call out the word
Record for a minute or so.

Pause now so you can do this, and then go back inside to begin part 3.


go to your computer.
Sit down so that you are facing the screen.
Make sure that your computer is on.

Open an internet browser.
Do an image search for the word “sky.”
Scroll through the results. Choose one, and click on it to enlarge.
Make the image as full screen as possible.

go to the camera application on your phone.

Hold up your phone and point it towards your computer screen.

Gaze at the sky on your phone’s screen.
Move around to focus on different parts of the sky.
Try using your fingers to zoom in and out, and to change the focus point.

In a moment, you will pause these instructions and continue this exercise for a few minutes as you record video.
Pause now and record at least one minute of the sky.
Continue when you are ready to part four.


You are finished touching the sky.

find a window.
If there is no window or skylight in the room you are currently in, move to another room where there is one.
If you have several windows, choose one with the most light coming in from outside.

Place yourself within view of the window.
You may sit, stand, or lay down. Keep the window in view.

Holding your phone in one hand, open up the camera, set it to video mode, but do not start recording yet.
Raise your other hand up between your face and the window, palm facing you, fingers pressed together tightly and pointed upwards.
Hold this hand as flat and straight as possible.

Looking at your phone now, with the camera open, point it towards your other hand and center the frame around a line between two fingers. Zoom in if you need to so that the background disappears.

The line between your fingers is dividing the video frame in half lengthwise.

Experiment with slightly squeezing and releasing your fingers, allowing the tiniest amount of light to come through and then closing it off again.

You will soon pause these instructions and start recording.
As you record for around a minute, keep squeezing and releasing your fingers, observing the light.
Pause now so you can begin recording, and press play when you are ready to continue.


How hot is the horizon?

go to your kitchen and take something out of your freezer--an ice pack, a bag of frozen vegetables, a plastic-wrapped pack of meat--something with a relatively thin wrapper.
Once you’ve chosen something, you can take it back to your room with you--the room you were in before--or, you can remain in the kitchen.

Wherever you are most comfortable, find a place to stand.
Place the frozen package on the floor next to you and remain standing.
Place one foot on top of it.

with your phone held in one hand, raise both hands in front of you with your palms facing each other. Move your hands close together, and then far apart. Again.

Close together. Far apart. Make the movement smooth. Follow the pace of your own breath.
Breathing in, hands far apart. Breathing out, hands close together.
Keep going.


stop for a moment so you can open the camera on your phone again.

You will soon need to pause these instructions so that you can start to record video.

Hold your phone in one hand with the camera facing out.
You may want to use the screen side or selfie camera for this.
Once you are recording, repeat the same motions from before, breathing as you move your hands together and apart. Continue for a minute or so, recording the whole time with your phone held in one hand.

Pause instructions now so you can proceed, and press play again as soon as you are finished.
The next step should be followed immediately after this. Press pause now.

sit down on the floor or in a seat, whichever is most comfortable for you.

You are seated.
Lift or move your leg so that you can see the bottom of your cold foot.

You are going to use your phone to record video of the bottom of your foot, experimenting with changing the focus and zoom as you record. Try to record around a minute, or longer.

Pause now so you can begin recording, and press play when you are ready to continue.


Sometimes it’s important to know where you stand.

Soon, you will go outside.
First, return to your kitchen. Put your frozen item back in the freezer.

find a piece of fruit.

An apple would be best, but a tomato, peach, pear, banana, or cucumber will be fine as well.
A vegetable even, if you have to. Like a cabbage. Or a potato.
You will take this with you when you go outside.

Put your shoes on, if they aren’t already.
Make sure you have a coat if you need it.
Take your headphones with you too.

Press pause now so that you can get fully dressed to go outside, and press play again when you are ready to continue.

Your headphones are either plugged into your phone, or else in your pocket.

Hold your fruit or vegetable in one hand and your phone in the other as you now take yourself outside.
You may need to hold them both in one hand for a moment, as you turn the doorknob to let yourself outside.

Step outside and close the door.
When you have closed the door, you can return to using both hands to hold these objects.

Walk now.

You are walking now.

Walk further.

Walk for a while, maybe five, ten minutes or so.
Maybe just two.

But walk until you can find something like a square or a grid to stand on. Maybe a pattern of square tiles, or a particular segment of the sidewalk that feels far enough away from home for now.
Once you’ve found it, stand on a point where two perpendicular lines meet.

Pause now so you can keep walking and find this square or grid on the ground.
Press play again when you are standing there and ready to continue.

You are an intersection.

record a short video of your feet, and then resume instructions.

in a moment, you will need to make a phone call.

You will then have reached the end.

Call this number: (312) 569-9538. Again, that’s (312) 569-9538.
You are calling now.

(answering machine message:)

Hi! You’ve reached the end of Keep In Touch. At the tone, tell me in just a few words how you felt when you woke up this morning. What did you eat for breakfast? Then, hang up, plug your headphones into your fruit or vegetable, take a short video of it, and walk home, listening. I’ll get back to you soon.

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