Keep in mind this is going to be a transition period for you. You are going to feel a tad off, and that’s completely normal. I did some Googling and spoke to a friend about it, and both were absolutely right. It’s just that it takes time to keep coming back to life. 

Just that it takes time to keep coming back to life // 2019
// Multi-channel video and sound, hand-sewn dress (digital collages printed on chiffon), wood-handled mirror, Vaseline glassware (candle-holder and citrus-squeezer), LED candles, Granny Smith apple

Over the course of a two-week solo exhibition at LITHIUM Gallery in Chicago, with three “opening” events, material accumulated, shifted, translated, and reconstituted among and within screens, objects, and speakers. Voices whispered, hummed, declared, and sang from all directions. Faces slipped, multiplied, flickered, and beckoned. Texts became textures and textures became texts. Secrets were hidden inside of fruits.