The very first was glorious, cradling to the body. But I have this uncomfortable feeling everywhere. I felt like it completely firmed up underneath me. I wasn’t exactly sure if it was for me. I felt it was too stiff. I would have liked it to be softer. It felt too flat.

Touch Me Everywhere Softer // 2019 // 1-channel video, stereo sound, and interactive sculpture

Touch Me Everywhere Softer was first shown as a single-channel video and interactive sculpture installation at Art Rotterdam 2019 as part of the Mondriaan Fonds’ Prospects&Concepts exhibition. It features video material made by abusing faceswapping apps, a cover of “I Want You to Want Me” by Cheap Trick sung as a menacing lullaby, text collages sourcing online mattress reviews, and a vocabulary lesson for self-consideration. 
Video Excerpt