I haunt you and you haunt me back. We possess ourselves and shuffle in and out of shells. Assemble, Re-assemble. Desire and disturbance co-habituate and attention is insatiable.

Schil // 2020 // Single-channel video // 12 min
Premiered on AT5 (Amsterdam TV) January 2020

Prodded, caressed, and carried, the intimate screen must keep looking as it must keep being seen. Always awake, it dreams.

How do we mediate the boundaries of our selves?

Layering imagery made in-phone, screen-captured, and remapped in 2D and 3D digital animation software, SCHIL is a multi-dimensional collage that complicates our understanding of images as surfaces and as indices of particular bodies, places, and times.

*Schil in Dutch, means to peel, and is also the root word for verschil, or difference.

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